Shiv Pratap Gold Tower, Vita Ta. Khanapur, Dist. Sangli (Maharashtra)
दिनांक ३० जुन २०२४ अखेर ठेवी ३३१ कोटी ८५ लाख , कर्जे २९५ कोटी ७६ लाख मुदत ठेव ९.५%, सेविंग खाते ६.५%,रिकरींग ठेव ८.५ %,पेन्शन ठेव ८.५ % , गोल्ड लोन प्रति तोळा ५५ हजार रु व्याजदर ०.६९ पैसे प्रतिमहा

About the organization

In the year 2002, Galai businessmen came together and presented the idea of ​​establishing an organization to Honorable Pratap Sheth Dada Salunkhe. At this time, the condition of cooperatives was very bad, many organizations were bankrupt and some were on the verge of bankruptcy. There was an atmosphere of volatility among depositors. Taking a decision in such a situation was very risky.Hon. Mr. Vitthal Salunkhe, who had a thorough knowledge of the banking sector, decided to study it and meet the challenge.Dada decided to correct the mistakes of other institutions and provide loans at low rates and with safe collateral and the institution was established on 26th June 2002. Immediately on 11th July 2002 the institution was inaugurated by Hon'ble Doctor Patangraoji Kadam, Hon'ble Jayantraoji Patil and Hon'ble Harsh Vardhanji Patil. . On this occasion, grandmothers and former MLAs from all parties attended the event.

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Features of the organization:

√ Allotment of gold mortgage loan on priority basis. √ Money transfer facility available.
√ Complete computerized management.
√ 100 N P. A. Provision of
√ Well equipped record room.
√ Company giving 12% dividend consistently.
√ Proprietary furnished head office.

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Our Services:

√ Light bill payment.
√ Telephone bill payment.
√ Mobile bill payment.
√ VD.T.H recharge.
√ Payment / Withdrawal of Nationalized Banks.
√ PAN card withdrawal facility.
√ N.E.F.T./R.T.G.S./I.M.P.S facilities.

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Establishment Purpose:

√ To be named as the best service bank in whole India.
√ To look after the interests of every member of the organization.
√ Doing social and religious activities as much as possible.
√ All banking facilities available to members.

Everything for your every need!

Whether it's an account or a deposit or a loan plan, choose a perfect banking service to meet all your daily and practical needs!

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Fixed Deposit Scheme (FD)

Be it a business or a job, money often comes in and slips out of your hands like sand in your fist. As a result, accumulated savings also go away. That is why this money should be invested in a safe place and that is why Shiv Pratap Multistate Society Fixed Deposit Scheme is at your service;

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Pension Deposit Scheme

A tree planted today provides shade along with fruits in the future. But the seeds for that future comfortable life should be sown today so that one can enjoy a carefree life in old age and this is why the Shiv Pratap Multistate Pension Deposit Scheme is the best. Contact your nearest branch today for more information.

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Recurring Deposit Scheme (RD)

Small savings should be made from today to fulfill big needs and dreams of tomorrow. But often we don't know exactly how to save. Whether you are a professional or an employee, discipline yourself to save. Fulfill your dreams today. For more information on Recurring Deposit Scheme, contact your nearest branch today.

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