Shiv Pratap Gold Tower, Vita Ta. Khanapur, Dist. Sangli (Maharashtra)
दिनांक ३० जुन २०२४ अखेर ठेवी ३३१ कोटी ८५ लाख , कर्जे २९५ कोटी ७६ लाख मुदत ठेव ९.५%, सेविंग खाते ६.५%,रिकरींग ठेव ८.५ %,पेन्शन ठेव ८.५ % , गोल्ड लोन प्रति तोळा ५५ हजार रु व्याजदर ०.६९ पैसे प्रतिमहा


● All banking facilities available to members ● Safe place for investors and gold mortgage loans available at low interest rates for borrowers
● To be named as the best service bank in whole India.

current account

A good businessman needs reliable and perfect banking services, which is fulfilled in Shiv Pratap Multistate Society! Because we provide our account holders with state-of-the-art banking facilities and strong support for Jodi's business financial stability!If you are a business person then open your current account today and get NEFT / RTGS / IMPS, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Aadhaar Banking, etc. facilities under one roof and free of cost. Choose the path of business growth Shiv Pratap Multistate Current Account! For more information contact the nearest Shiv Pratap Multistate branch.

Savings Account and Premium Savings Account

A common man can sleep soundly when he wants his money in a safe and reliable hand following the motto of highest service and security. Shiv Pratap Multistate Society knows the importance of your savings, that's why we manage your savings responsibly and also offer a return of 6.50%. Not only this, it also provides checkbook, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS mobile banking, internet banking, SMS banking facilities along with savings account without charging any kind of value.So that you can get your money instantly at the time of need. Contact your nearest Shiv Pratap Multistate branch today for more information on savings accounts.

Mahila Savings Account

If the Mahila in the family are financially empowered then every family will be safe, prosperous and happy and that's why Shiv Pratap Multistate Society is introducing Mahila Sahat Group Account Scheme for Mahila! This innovative initiative launched for the empowerment and empowerment of Mahila is getting a spontaneous response from the Mahila community. In which they are allotted loans up to 40 thousand rupees, they are guided to get into the habit of saving as well as guided for business growth and access to the market. Make a decision today for an empowered future. Contact the nearest Shiv Pratap Multistate branch to open a Mahila's Savings Account.